Nouvintage's Summer Eyewear Collection: Stylish Frames for Fashion Enthusiasts - Get 15% Off with Promo Code NOUSUMMER15!

Upgrade your eyewear collection this summer with Nouvintage's latest collection, featuring a stunning range of stylish frames that seamlessly blend vintage charm with contemporary trends. In this blog post, we'll showcase standout pieces from the collection, including the NV Unity, NV Yinyang, 2084 Tortoise, and Aunt Viv's Palm Springs frames. Plus, we have an exclusive treat for you - a fantastic 15% discount with the promo code NOUSUMMER15. Explore Nouvintage's summer collection today and elevate your style!

NV Unity: Timeless Elegance with a Modern Twist

Discover the NV Unity frames, offering the perfect balance of timeless elegance and modern aesthetics. With sleek lines and a classic silhouette, these frames are available in various chic colors like black and tortoiseshell. Elevate your summer outfits with the versatile NV Unity frames.

NV Yinyang: Make a Bold Fashion Statement

Make heads turn with the NV Yinyang frames, designed to add a touch of boldness and creativity to your summer look. These frames feature captivating color combinations and eye-catching patterns, including tortoiseshell with vibrant electric blue or fiery red accents. Embrace your individuality with the NV Yinyang frames.

2084 Tortoise: Classic Appeal with a Contemporary Edge

For those who appreciate the timeless appeal of tortoiseshell frames, the 2084 Tortoise is a must-have. These frames seamlessly blend classic tortoiseshell patterns with a modern shape, offering a sophisticated and versatile accessory to complement your summer style.

Aunt Viv's Palm Springs: Retro Vibes for a Chic Summer

Experience the retro-cool ambiance of Palm Springs with Aunt Viv's Palm Springs frames. These vintage-inspired sunglasses feature oversized round lenses and a sleek metal frame, reminiscent of the iconic '70s style. Add an effortless touch of chic to your summer ensembles with Aunt Viv's Palm Springs frames.

Exclusive Promo Code: NOUSUMMER15 for 15% Off!

Enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on your summer eyewear purchase with the promo code NOUSUMMER15. Don't miss this opportunity to save while upgrading your summer style with Nouvintage's collection. Simply apply the promo code at checkout and enjoy remarkable savings.

Elevate your summer style with Nouvintage's summer eyewear collection, featuring stylish frames for fashion enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of NV Unity, the bold statement of NV Yinyang, the classic appeal of 2084 Tortoise, or the retro vibes of Aunt Viv's Palm Springs, Nouvintage has the perfect frame to suit your style. Don't forget to use the exclusive promo code NOUSUMMER15 for a fantastic 15% discount on your purchase. Visit Nouvintage's website today and enhance your summer look with fashionable eyewear!

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