The future is vintage.


 At Nouvintage, we aim to be the eNVy of eyewear brands worldwide by providing only the best in luxury for clientele that appreciate the finest in design and innovation.

 Nouvintage is fashion forward eyewear for the jetset connoisseur living their best life across the four corners of the earth.  

How Nouvintage Began

Attracted at an early age to the finer things in life, founder Justin James has taken all of his talents as a designer and immersed them into eyewear. What James has accomplished with his eyewear brand is exceptional and it continues to expand as he marries his brand with the latest in music culture with fashion trends.  

Justin James:  The Unconventional Creator

Justin James is the epitome of the American dream. Fueled by a passion, yet with limited resources, James cultivated a fully operational fashion eyewear company in only a year. As the founder and CEO of Nouvintage, he continues to command attention by melding the worlds of fashion and entertainment.

Raised by Jamaican parents in his native New York, James credits his dynamic style as an integral component of his creativity. His first official offering, Jimmy Swag (2014), began as an album cover art piece that led to an affordable shade with a modern look. This well-received release inspired a move to Los Angeles to strengthen his network in order to build his vision. During this transition, he recognized the appeal and potential of the vintage eyewear market.

A decade’s worth of experience in the fashion industry has resulted in the creation of Nouvintage – eyewear brand with a modern flair. Since launching in December 2019, Nouvintage has thrived despite the global pandemic crisis and continues to make waves within the industry. Stay true to his collaborative nature, James created an eyeglass design with New York-based rapper Dave East. The Nouvintage x Dave East collection is currently trending among urban communities worldwide.

Our Mission

At Nouvintage, we stake a claim as a creator and distributor of an exclusive eyewear brand that rivals the most renown labels worldwide. Frame by frame, collection by collection, we craft products that feature only the best materials and latest aesthetics that exude the confident, bold approach to fashion that our consumers expect and value. 

Our Lenses

At Nouvintage, we believe that everyone has a right to the latest in fashion, which means that we are proud to combine our designer eyewear with the most advanced optical quality available today. For every order, we match your prescription to fit the luxury lenses from our collection of your choice. No matter what your needs are, you always have the option to choose the style you love that matches your lifestyle needs… 

The Nouvintage X Factor

What sets Nouvintage apart from other luxury eyewear brands is our curation and promotion of new and emerging musical artists. Fashion and music have always been intrinsically linked, and Nouvintage is on a mission to present not only the best in eyewear, but also in exceptional sonic content.