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Reflecting a refined approach and meticulous construction, Our beautifully crafted Marbella Infinity 2084 Tortoise comes with Italian acetate and draw inspiration from Vintage Lunettes of the 21st century. These frames add a touch of class to luxury accessories

Amethyst -regarded as one of the most powerful of gemstones for its healing and protective purposes, amethyst stones radiate a violet color and undeniable beauty.
Citrine-these gemstones are known for their ability to stimulate concentration and creativity, while activating self-expression and emotional balance.

Kimbe - first discovered in Papa New Guinea, the elusive Kimbe gemstones are a rarity, wielding the allure of mystery and the unknown.

Pink Shell - the beautiful iridescent sheen of a pale pink shell is an undeniable look that symbolizes fortune and fate – the perfect addition to create your own singular look.

MOP - stimulating intuition, imagination, sensitivity and heightened emotions, Mother of Pearl gemstones represents love and harmony - the healing powers of expression.

Malachite - the malachite gemstone represents the essence of joy and is regarded as a stone of transformation for providing insight necessary for spiritual growth.

  • Italian Mazzucchelli Acetate
  • Yellow Gold Metal Alloy
  • Spring Hinges
  • NV Logo Gold Nose Pads

Measurements: 56-18-140

Transition and Blue Light Lenses are available to Clear Lens only. 

(All Nouvintage signature frames are FINAL)


For all Prescription, Transition, Colored, and Blue Light lenses, please be advised from the time of your purchase with us, it will take 4 - 8 business days for us to work on your order.

For Planos, we can immediately dispatch the order based on your preferred shipping method.

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